DeAnna's Story

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DeAnna's Story~  Why she created PINK HANDS to provide support for women going through cancer without a support system.  Please donate if you can. Click below to read her story.

During my journey with Breast Cancer I was overcome with the kindness and compassion of the Harford Gymnastics Parents Organizations and the Coaches.  I received so much support with; cards, flowers, carpooling, home cooked meals, pictures and visits. I was touched by the Facebook posts of the Team wearing pink leotards on the day of my surgery in my honor.  I cried when Harford competed at the Pink Invitational wearing shirts, they made saying, “I Flip for DeAnna”.  My pink journey was inspired and filled with love thanks to the girls in green (who are dressed in pink above in DeAnna's honor).

Not all women have such wonderful support during their Breast Cancer journey.  Lack of support increases stress, reducing survivor rates and prolongs healing time. The love and support I received inspired me to establish the Non-Profit Organization, Pink Hands, committing myself to supporting women during their Breast Cancer journey.  With your tax-deductible donation, Pink Hands will be able to provide meals, groceries and financial support, which are crucial while battling cancer.  With your help, Pink Hands will make a positive impact against Breast Cancer, empowering one woman at a time.

Any contributions you make will positively impact our organization and those in need of help.  Please visit our Website

We are also collecting Shoes as a fundraiser for PINK HANDS. Drop them off in the box in the lobby.

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