Re-Opening Survey

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When the government allows us to re-open, we will be following the enhanced protocols as outlined in the 2 emails. Do you plan to have your daughter return for summer training at the gym in a small group setting, which would be 28 or less depending on what is mandated by the government?
When we follow PLAN B, Will your child be able to attend 7AM in-gym training since smaller groups for training could make it challenging to fit all training schedules in the gym without having some 7AM practices.
As outlined in the email, we will be looking for adult volunteers to assist with monitoring for drop off, pick up and monitoring the bathroom and lobby area to help make sure social distancing is maintained without having the coaches come into the lobby and bathrooms for supervision. Would you be available to volunteer one practice per week to be a monitor?
Is your gymnast available for daytime training between 9am-5:00pm?
Due to restricted occupancy, we will not be able to allow parents in the facility to watch from the glass doors. We are considering setting up, through SPOT TV, a virtual classroom that would allow you to get live stream of your child's workouts. Would you be interested in getting live streams of your child's workouts for $5/month. You would be limited to workouts of your child's training group only.
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