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IMPORTANT Summer Camp Info

Camper Information

Day Camp times:  9am-4pm
Mini Camp times:  9-12noon or 1-4pm

  • CAMPERS CAN NOT PARTICIPATE WITHOUT A COMPLETED HEALTH HISTORY FORM.   CLICK HERE for the health history form and email it back to us prior to camp.  It does not need to be completed by a doctor. 
  • Any medications must be accompanied with a COMPLETED authorization form signed by a doctor. Medications and the authorization form, MUST be turned in to the MEDICAL desk on your first day of camp each week.  The MEDICATION FORM must be completed by you and your physician. All medications must be self-administered. We do not give medications, but will supervise self administered medications.
  • Parents, please remember that when packing lunches or snack, please pack non-perishable food items that are PEANUT friendly. We do not supply storage for refrigerated items. 
  • Dress up day on Thursday. We invite all of our campers to dress up  for the THEME OF CAMP!   It will be a blast to see all of our campers and STAFF dressed up. You are not required to dress up.
  • Tye dye day is always Friday. We have white Harford Gymnastics Tshirts you can purchase or Harford Gymnastics Pillowcases ($8) or you can bring your own white t-shirt or pillowcase which you should turn it in to the front desk so that we will have it for their allotted dying time. (NO towels allowed). 
  • If your child has Sunscreen with them at camp, you must sign the Sunscreen Form at the time of check in to allow them to put it on during camp. We recommend putting sunscreen on at home before the start of camp. We can only assist with SPRAY ON SUNSCREEN.


Parents must please come into the building at the end of the day EVERY DAY to sign out your camper before you take them home.  You must personally let us know if another parent is picking up your child from camp.  If you need to pick up your child before 3:55 pm we must be notified before 1pm so that we can keep them from going down to the pool. Campers return in the afternoon from the pool further down our lane at camp at 3:55pm each day.    


Extended care must be signed up in advance. We offer it from 7:45-9:00am and/or 4:00-5:30pm.   Each Monday you will need to complete a form to confirm the times you have signed up. There is an additional charge of $2 for any  "day of" extended care registrations, so register in advance.  Sometimes extended care does fill up.



Morning mini/half day campers are to report directly downstairs with their parent to check in on Monday and will report there each morning for camp. They should drop their snack in the mini camp bin and then put their other items downstairs.  Afternoon mini/half day campers are to report directly to the front counter with their parent to check in.    They should drop their snack in the mini camp bin .

PLEASE have your half day Mini campers wear their bathing suits to camp since they have pool time as the last activity of the day. This will give them more time at the pool instead of having to spend a lot of time changing into their bathing suits.  Please try to have them wear a one piece bathing suit. If they only have a 2 piece bathing suit,  have them wear a shirt over it for gym activities.  Boys must wear a shirt with their bathing suit for gymnastics actitivities and can take it off for pool time.  CAMPERS ARE ALLOWED to bring any swim aids (swimmers, puddle jumpers, life vest, etc) they need to make them feel comfortable in the 3ft end of the swimming pool.  Mini Campers are only allowed in the shallow 3 ft. end of the pool.  They are not eligible to take the swim test to go into the deeper water.

They will also need to bring a peanut friendly snack, towel and easy to slip on shoes. (Flip flops usually work best, but not required)  If you would like to send money, please keep it in a safe place away from the visible eye or check it in with the front counter.  

Full Day and Cheer Campers:

Full Day and Cheer campers will report to the front desk to check in. All belongings should be left in the cubby room in a cubby, except lunches go in the lunch bins in the lobby. Campers will need to wear their leotard or workout clothes (such as shorts and t-shirts), and bring with them a bathing suit, towel, easy-slip on shoes, and an Peanut friendly snack and lunch  for full daycamp.  Half day campers will need to have a snack with them or purchase a snack from the snack bar.  Campers are not allowed to wear spaghetti-strap shirts.  If you would like to send money, please keep it in a safe place away from the visible eye or check it in at the front desk.  


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