Pre -School Enrichment Program (PEP School)

PEP is all about Learning through Movement! Three and Four-year old students participate in a Gymnastics Class, Storytime, Crafts, Games, Songs and Rhythm activities all centered around an academic theme each week to enhance the development of their already curious minds. It's a 2.25 hour class that meets once a week or up to 4 times a week to promote kindergarten readiness. We recommend at least twice a week if you can. Please send a peanut free snack with your child. There is a $100 discount on the 2nd and more PEP classes for the session because we encourage you to attend at least two days. (Second class discount does not apply to one PEP and one Tumble Bee class since PEP hourly rate is already discounted)

Kindergarten Readiness: We aim to develop skills that will make our students successful and ready for kindergarten! We focus on the social and academic demands of kindergarten! Children need to learn to get along in a group setting, both small and large groups. Children need to learn to focus their attention on tasks and teacher instruction. Making learning fun keeps a child interested in learning. At an early age we want our students to experience the fun of learning. At our PEP School, we strive to have students always surpass expectations for kindergarten readiness. Research tells us time and time again that gross motor development and brain development go hand in hand, so exercise helps the brain learn and develop. This is the concept of our PEP school!

\$100 discount for each additional day of PEP you attend. There is a $20 Registration Fee in addition to the tuition unless you are already a Harford Gymnastics member. There are no refunds for the PEP program. SPACES ARE VERY LIMITED!

2019-20 School Year Dates:  Sept 16- December 14th then winter break until Jan 6th-June 6th.  Payment is broken into 3 installments of Fall, Winter, Spring.

Times Offered:
~ Monday 9:45-12:00pm

~ Tuesday 9:45am - 12:00pm

~ Wednesday 9:45-12:00pm

~ Thursday 9:45-12:00pm