Harford Gymnastics has two levels of Pre Team.  Pre-Team school year tuition is broken into 10 installments for your convenience.  The 1st installment of the school year training program is due Aug 15th then the first of each month from Sept 1st through May 1st.   Pre-team SUMMER tuition requires a deposit and then two installments due June 1st and July 1st. Summer training includes a week of camp (scroll down to see Summer Info).

  • Mini Stars Pre-Team is for girls ages 4-5yr olds who show potential for our competition team.  This training is for pre-kindergarten students and is held during the daytime hours because the after school hours are very busy in the gym and distracting for the young ones.  This group practices two days a week.
  • Mini Developmental Pre Team (known as Mini D's) is typically for girls ages 5 - 8 yrs who demonstrate a high level of aptitude for the sport of gymnastics.  Gymnasts are selected for this program based on their strength, flexibility, coordination, form, agility, skills, and coachability.  This group practices two days a week.
  • SuperStar Pre Team is typically for girls ages 5-9 yrs old who show superior strength, flexibility, coordination, form, agility, skills, and coachability.  These gymnasts are invited to practice two days a week.  The goal of this program is to develop and prepare the gymnasts for competition.  Gymnasts usually spend 1-2 years at this level training core skills for competition as they work towards precision and perfection of their skills. This group practices two times per week. Pick your practice times below.

SCHOOL YEAR Pre-Team program (Wed after Labor Day through June 14th):  

  • There is a Yearly Pre-Team Membership fee of $40. And 10 installments for the school year tuition for our pre-team program
  • First installment of school year pre-team tuition is due August 15th, then the 1st of each month from Sept 1st thru May 1st
  • School year training runs from the Wed after Labor Day thru June 15th.
  • We do not offer make ups for missed pre-team practices
  • SCHOOL-YEAR REGISTRATION through your parent portal~
    1.)  enroll in the CLASS called  "SUPER STAR ACCEPTANCE or MINI-D ACCEPTANCE or MINI STARS ACCEPTANCE". This will charge your $40.00 annual pre-team membership fee to your account and add you to our pre-team list
  • Your first tuition will be charged on Aug 15th, then the 1st of the month thereafter beginning Sept 1st through May 1st. for your 10 installments
    2.)  Notify us if you need an adjustment to your child's schedule (such as dropping a day)
    3.)  Email us if you declining your invitation so we can open up your spot

SUMMER Pre-Team program~ June 22nd-August 22nd. CAMP will be the week of August 31st.

  • The Summer Pre-Team Program includes weekly training PLUS a Week of Pre-Team CAMP.  The Camp is included in your summer tuition
  • Pre-team members are expected to participate in our summer training program to continue their development.  If you can not, you will need to have your gymnast re-evaluated to re-enter the pre-team program.  Spaces are limited and we do not guarentee your spot.
  • Please email us if you will be declining your summer Pre-Team invitation
  • A non-refundable Deposit for summer training is due April 20th to secure your spot when you do the PRE-TEAM (either Mini D's or Superstar) ACCEPTANCE online.  There is a $25 late fee after April 20th and will only be accepted if space is still available.  Two additional tuition payments will be due June 1st and July 1st.  These three payments include your week of Camp
  • If you need to switch to a different week of camp, please contact us at 410-877-8686
  • We offer our session #1 of camp to our pre-team members at a discount price.