A message to our clients regarding our temporary suspension of programs is noted below.


Update Message sent April 1, 2020

At registration time for our Spring Session, it was impossible to comprehend the challenges we all have faced in recent weeks and probably months ahead.  Our priority at Harford Gymnastics continues to be the health, safety, and well-being of everyone connected to our program.  Thank you to everyone who has reached out with love, compassion, and gracious acts of kindness; it has meant more than we can adequately express. 
 Please know that we WILL be back stronger than ever!  We just don't know when.  We went from having the best possible “job” in the world to suddenly not being able to do what we are passionate about.  We have built a strong foundation and have a solid team of dedicated coaches and teachers who are committed to impacting the lives of children in positive ways.  And we look forward to taking on that challenge again.
I think we can all agree that our temporary closing is due to circumstances beyond any of our control.  We will be crediting your account for all spring session classes that we are unable to hold.  Along with that credit, which will be valid for one year, we will be giving you extra bonuses such as a free special event and a discount coupon for a leotard.  These credits along with more information on the bonuses will be posted in mid May.  We greatly value those who take the account credit to help us meet our current obligations of rent, utilities, insurance, and other ongoing expenses.  And in return, you will get your money's worth of classes and some extra bonuses as a heartfelt thank you.
We understand that everyone's circumstances are different.  If you wish to request a refund for spring classes instead of a credit,  we are willing to do that.  You will need to complete the withdraw form on our website on the forms tab.  We will be following our typical refund policy and need to charge the $20 processing fee to cover  expenses such as credit card fees and staff employed to handle registation, cancellations, refunds, credits, phone calls, emails and  updates.  We hope you can agree that our staff deserves to be paid for handling this for you.  We will be altering our refund policy and will put a $20 credit on your account to match the processing fee and hope to see you back again. 
We value you as our clients and look forward to continuing the relationship.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and patience!
Stay Safe.

A message from our Director on March 25th:

I hope you and your family are in good health during these scary and crazy times. We believe Everyone on the Harford Gymnastics staff remains healthy.

The last thirteen days have been a bit surreal. We have a real health crisis and subsequent economic repercussions which will certainly affect many small businesses.  At the moment, our company is employing as much as it can to as many of our full time staffers as it can, while still servicing the rent, utilities, debt payments, etc. Many of our employees, as well as many Harford Gymnastics families, will be faced with some hard financial times; but, most importantly we pray for good health. 

Last week, walking through our facility was very different. The usual happy chatter of kids having fun while learning was substituted with an eery silence. ‘Sad' does not begin to capture the emotion as I thought about the abrupt life changes we all are facing.  BUT I am confident that we will all come through this stronger than ever.  To whatever extent necessary, I pledge my energy and company resources to our recovery and rebuilding. 

We still do not know when we will re-open... but we look forward to the day when we do!  We are working up a plan for refunds and credits for these unprecedented times for our Spring Session Class students. Note that Team and Pre-team monthly tuition charges have been halted. Once we know when we will be allowed to start back, we will send you more information to all.

In conclusion, please stay connected in creative ways with family and friends the best you can as you follow our government mandates.  And thank you for continued patience and support.  WE MISS YOU ALL!

Stay Safe.