Show Off Class

Our Fall Session ends on Dec 14th.  We will be offering something new at the end of the Fall session of classes on Monday, Dec 16th and Saturday, Dec 21st.  

We will be hosting two Showoff Days for students who are in our late afternoon and/or evening Big Gym Classes. This is NOT a required event.  This will be an opportunity for our students to show off for their parents.  

Here is how it works~

  • Students/Parents can choose to sign up for an this extra 45 minute class (cost is $15) to show off their skills
  • 2 spectators per child will be invited to come into the gym (sorry no chairs) to watch the students show off for the last 30 minutes of the class with their teachers.

We used to invite parents in for the last day of the session to watch; however, some students became very overwhelmed and frustrated with this having so many people in the gym to watch.  So we have decided for the Fall Session that we will give students and parents the choice whether or not their child wants to perform in front of a group.  This will be an extra class that you can choose to have your child participate in, knowing ahead of time that spectators will come in and watch the last 30 minutes.

Another bigger event will be at the end of our spring session in June.  We will  have an end of the year SHOWCASE EVENT where we clear out the beam area and set up chairs for parents to come in and watch the END OF SCHOOL YEAR SHOWCASE EVENT.  The date for that is Saturday June 13th.