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Make Up Classes

Welcome to our MAKE UP page. If you missed a class, we allow you to make it up in our MAKE UP classes. We limit each student to TWO makeups per session unless we have snow or storm closing conditions. Our make up classes are not as structured as our regular classes and they have a broader range of age and ability levels, but it is an opportunity to get some basic gym time with our instructors when you have to miss your class. To maximize learning we strongly recommend you attend your regular class each week, except when you are sick we encourage you to stay home for 24 hours after being fever free. The make ups are a courtesy we offer you.    Class times noted below are for boys and girls unless specified otherwise.

Call our center at 410-877-8686 if you have any questions regarding make ups.

CLASSES LISTED BELOW BY AGES ARE THE MAKE UPS WE OFFER. The number of spaces left in the make ups are noted next to the class. Be sure to SCROLL to the next month for future dates.
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